The festival is a public event. To access the screenings and events you need a badge, an invitation, or a paid ticket.


From 2020, we favor online ticketing, to avoid long queues before each screening and to facilitate your access to the cinema. Besides, you can order in advance for all the screenings you want at no additional cost, and without moving from home! You can are only benefit from it!


Normal fare

Cinestar : 10€

Memorial ACTe : 8€

Reduced fare

Only accessible for the members of Association Cinémas d'Ici et d'Ailleurs, upon presentation dof a valid membership card.

Valid on every site and screening of the festival

2020 Membership: 18€ (15€ until 23rd February 2020)

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Opens Saturday 18th April 10am

In order to limit the queues before each screening, please give priority to online booking.
You can purchase your tickets at our online ticket office for films scheduled at Memorial ACte and Ravine Chaude.

For films scheduled at Cinestar, please book directly from their online ticket office.


Memorial ACte
It will still be possible to purchase tickets on site for the films scheduled at Memorial ACTe, but only 30 minutes before the screening.
It will not be possible to purchase tickets for other films or other days. For this, please go to our online ticket office from Saturday 18th April, 10 a.m.

For the Nouveaux Regards screenings scheduled at Cinestar, you can purchase tickets for all the screenings you want, on site, and from Saturday 18th April.

You can also buy them online from the Cinestar's online ticket office.

Attention ! Tickets purchased on the Cinestar website have to be picked up on site!

Ravine Chaude
You will be able to purchase your tickets for the Ciné-piscine screening from Tuesday, 14 April 2020 at Ravine Chaude.

Opens 18th APril 2020


From this year, the Festival Pass will no longer be available !

For previous Festival Pass holders, annual membership to the Association Cinémas d'Ici et d'Ailleurs is 15€ all year round (instead of 18€).

Your ACIA membership card will give you the same benfits as your Pass :

  • Reduced fare to the festival screenings

  • 10% discount on festival merchandising

  • Daily raffle among the members during the festival and a chance  to win a NRFF gift

and more !

Reduced fare to the monthly NR screenings at Cinestar


The following events are subject to specific access terms:

* Opening Ceremony and Party: upon invitation only.

* Award ceremony: free admission on a first-come first-served basis

* One-on-One meetings: reserved to industry delegates and upon prior registration

* workshops and master Classes: free, upon registration and in the limit of seating capacity.



If you have received a paper invitation for a creening, you just need to present your invitation the ticketing office of the screening of your choice. An exempt ticket will be given to you to enter the screening.


If you are part of a guest listing (usually through our sponsors or guest directors), present yourself with an ID proof. You will be given an exempt ticket to enter the screening.

Le Festival Nouveaux Regards se déroule en Guadeloupe et explore les nouvelles façons de créer et de vivre le cinéma, à travers la jeune création internationale mais aussi caribéenne, en plein bouillonnement. Découvrez en plus ici...

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